Sargam Koushal - Who Earned the Title of Mrs World in 2022


In this blog, we are going to inform you about such a stunning and attractive lady Sargam Koushal, who earned the title of "Mrs World" in 2022.



Beauty is defined by deeper human traits such as kindness, compassion, and so on, rather than outward appearance. From rough rocks to gorgeous flowers, nature tells us that beauty is concealed in everything. Beauty is present in every human being that stimulates creativity and art.    

So, let's get this started.    

About Sargam Koushal    

Being a Jammu & Kashmir native, Sargam Koushal is a postgraduate in literature. She grew up in Jammu's Bahu Fort neighborhood and completed her schooling at Presentation Convent Senior Secondary school in Gandhi Nagar in Jammu. She has also completed her BEd from Government BEd college Jammu. Sargam Koushal started her career as a teacher and soon released her talent in modeling. She is a beauty with a brain and tried her hands at painting as well as a content writer too.     

Sargam is the daughter of Meena Kaushal and G S Kaushal (a former Chief Manager of the Bank of India). Even after getting married in 2018 to an Indian Navy officer named Lieutenant Aditya Manohar Sharma, Sargam did not abandon her modeling profession and kept on pursuing her dreams. She has scripted history by winning Mrs. World's 2022 title and getting the crown back to India after 21 years of waiting. She is now a role model for thousands of young models out there.     

Sargam Koushal’s Early Life    

Sargam mentioned that marriage life is the finest time of her life since she gained a loving spouse who supported her in every moment and let her follow her dreams even after marriage. Also, Sargam thought her Father GS Kaushal provided her tremendous encouragement and support from her childhood and supported by stating you are a different person and began to accomplish new heights of achievements. Read on for the statement Sargam made about her father in an Instagram post.    

Sargam Koushal’s Biodata    


  • Name - Sargam Koushal    
  • Age-31 years old    
  • Height-5 feet 6 inches tall    
  • Weight-60 kg in weight    
  • Figure 36-25-35 is a figure.    
  • Eye Color – Brown    
  • Hair-Brown hair,    
  • Father Name-G S Kaushal    
  • Mother Name-Meena Koushal    

Why did she opt to become Miss World?    

For a multitude of reasons, I aspire to be the next Mrs. World. But the driving force, the root of it all, is this man—my father. "You're different, I see it in your eyes," he said to me when I was a small child. You are born to attain greater things in life. Things that people wish to do but lack the confidence to undertake. Even as a small girl, you have that courage in your heart and that fire in your core."    

I never imagined I'd be able to live up to these expectations until I was named Mrs. World 2022.    

"I'm not surprised," Dad said during one of my interviews. This was her destiny. And more will follow."    

That's all there is to it. This girl is only carrying out an inadvertent promise she made to her father. That is her explanation.    

Some Lesser Recognized Facts about Sargam Koushal     

She competed in Mrs. India's 2022 beauty contest too. Koushal and her other contestants conducted sessions with prominent professionals in the pageantry business while preparing for the pageant.    

The Mrs. India Grand Finale was hosted by Sachin Kumbhar. Sargam's team of experts consists of  Kavita Kharayat - a ramp walk specialist, fitness expert Jinni Shaikh, hair and make-up expert Cherag Bambboat, and nutrition expert Dr. Varun.     

The applicants went through grooming workshops and seminars before being judged in numerous rounds by an exceptional panel that included pageant Director Mohini Sharma and the prominent judges. She battled against 51 other contenders from various areas of India.    

Sargam Kaushal was crowned Mrs. India World 2022 on June 15, 2022. Mrs. India World 2021 and Mrs. World 2022 National Costume Winner Navdeep Kaur crowned her. Sargam Kaushal will now represent India in Mrs. World 2022 after obtaining the title of Mrs. World 2022.    


The concept of beauty should not be defined because many diverse things might have or be viewed as lovely. As Confucius said, "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." In other words, just because someone believes something is lovely does not always imply that it is accurate.    

Sargam Koushal has only made our country proud but also inspired many to follow their passion.    

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