Umran Malik The Ace Card of Indian Cricket Team


In this blog, we will inform you about Journey of our Indian fast bowler "Umran Malik". Let's discuss about his life from scratch to deliver the fastest ball in cricket match and now he is the fastest bowler for team India. Also some very interesting facts about him will be discussed here.

"Seasons come and go, but the craze for anything never fades." This quote holds good for a sport like cricket.           

People have witnessed numerous legends in cricket who gave jaw-dropping performances on the field. Nowadays, in modern cricket, hitting back-to-back stunning sixes, hat-tricks, taking bewildered catches, and creative shots are considered very normal.                  

When it comes to Bowling, every bowler tries to give their best by taking their line, length, and maximum speed into consideration. Speed and swing are the most important aspects for them to prepare and execute, especially when it comes to playing overseas.                  

Some of you might have heard the quote that " Don't brag. Come and Face my Bowling ." By this quote, I'm going to divert your mind towards Umran Malik, a rising cricketer from Jammu & Kashmir who has amazed everyone with his super-fast bowling speed.                  


"Every story has a Beginning." Let's begin with the beginning of our rising cricketer, Umran Malik. Malik was born on November 22, 1999, in Sri Nagar (J&K). The latest Indian pace star comes from a poor but sports-loving background.                  

His family includes one elder sister and his father, a fruit seller, who supports him in his passion and love for cricket. It was due to the love and support of his family that he was able to focus on playing cricket at the very young age of 17.                  

"It is said that luck favors the laborious." It was proven true on a specific day when Umran Malik was observed by his coach Randhir Singh Manhas, who paid attention to his performance and recommended him to the famous Indian Bowler Irfan Pathan, who, as his guide, gave him tips regarding his line and length in Bowling. Consequently, he delivered to and fro bowling with the maximum speed a young boy could provide.                  


On October 3, 2021 , he debuted in the 49th match of IPL for Sunrisers Hyderabad against Kolkata Knight Riders.                  

On January 18, 2022, he got his place for team India because of the five 150Km/Hr bowling in a row for Sun Risers Hyderabad against Royal Challengers Bangalore.                   

Malik took five wickets against Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022 in Wankhede Stadium, and because of this, he was named the "Emerging Player of the Tournament."                  

He got recognition as a 21-year boy who bowled the fastest bowl in the history of IPL at 157 Km/Hr against Delhi Capitals. Consequently, he was inducted into the International Cricket team for the series against South Africa in May 2022.                  

Performance in IPL     

Malik performs well in every IPL match he plays. His pace in Bowling is constant. In an Incident during the game between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings, he delivered a ball with a speed of 153.5 Km/Hr at Wankhede Stadium, which was the fastest in that match.                  

In the 50th match of IPL between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad, history was created by Umran Malik, as he bowled 157 Km/Hr, which became the fastest ball of the season but also the third fastest bowl in IPL history.                   

Up to now, he has taken 22 wickets in 14 matches averaging 20.18. Consequently, players like Harbhajan Singh and Dale Steyn admired him. In one of his interviews, Harbhajan Singh recommended him for Indian Team. "What a bowler he is," says Harbhajan Singh. Appreciation from a senior player like Harbhajan made him achieve his Blue Jersey.                  

International Career     

Although he got selected for the International ODI against Ireland, he has yet to perform. His incredible pace and great controls have stunned both cricket analysts and fans. He is also selected for the T20I series against South Africa.                  

Hence, we can expect multiple stumps-breaking bowling performances in the future from Umran. Hopefully, this young emerging talent will also be the strongest ace card for the 2024 T20I World Cup.                  

Interesting facts about Malik     

  • Malik's colleague, Samad, is known to be a close buddy of the fast bowler.                   
  • Malik is also paid to play tennis for 500 or 1000 rupees.                   
  • In February, he made his List A debut against Bengal in the Vijay Hazare Trophy.                   
  • He went for 98 runs in his ten overs and took one wicket. Bengal eventually won by 82 runs.                   
  • Malik's first T20I appearance was even more noteworthy. Against Railways, he went 3 for 24. Hence, J&K won the game by seven wickets.                   
  • Only four players from J&k played in IPL, and Malik is one of them. The 21-year-old pacer is J&K's fourth IPL participant. Parvez Rasool, Rasikh Salam, and Abdul Samad were previous.                  
  • According to Randhir Singh Manhas, a coach at the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council, the fast bowler was careless in his early days. On the other hand, the coach confessed that he was gifted with the ability to bowl at a raw pace even back then .                  

Backbenchers create history, just like Malik, who was an Xth-class dropout.                   

It is correctly said that failing is just a term; It's the skill that matters—this line best suits Umran Malik, who went to school earlier but dropped out after Xth standard.                   

As per the words of former Indian wicketkeeper Ajay Ratra, He was delighted to meet Malik when they met for the first time during the net practice. Ratra adds, at the time, Malik was one of the net bowlers, and Ratra questioned why he wasn't playing for Jammu and Kashmir                  


His very first achievement is the guidance from Irfan Pathan, which helps him to perform well in Bowling.        

He debuted with the fastest ball of 157 Km/Hr                  

He took five wickets in a row against Gujarat Titans in IPL 2021                  

He slides bricks with brutal kicks, which means his pace is no match for any youngster his age.                   

Finally, he achieved a blue jersey to bleed for India against Ireland.                  


"Strong rock is single but is broken by many persons together." Malik is that rock that can't be broken down single-handedly.                   

Although his International performance is yet to come, he left a mark in IPL with his Bowling and unbreakable pace at this age.                   

So no doubt he will perform well in ODI too.  Small packet, a big blast .That's Umran Malik for you.                  




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