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Amit Lodha is a police officer of IGP rank in Bihar. He is also a motivational speaker, writer, and works for humanity. Because of his bravery, a web series named" The Bihar Diaries" is telecasted on Netflix. He received Gallantry Award from the President, and because of this, he earned the title "Supercop".So let's get started of our supercop.

"To accomplish something different, you have to be something different," this line fits best for our bold avatar and super cop, Amit Lodha, an IPS Officer, motivational speaker, writer, and social worker.                    

His narrative tells us how to live our lives. He inspires, motivates, and teaches us how to deal with challenging situations.                    

He also wrote the book “The Bihar Diaries”, which details how he apprehended criminals.                    

So let's go through the journey of our super cop Amit Lodha.                    


Amit was born on February 22, 1974, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. His astrological sign is Pisces. He was raised in Rajasthan, where his father worked as a doctor at Sawai Man Singh Hospital. In Bihar, Amit Lodha is a well-known Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. Amit, a 1998 batch officer, is an IGP of Bihar.                     

He is an IPS officer, an author, and a prominent figure who has written books on how he arrested such criminals, such as The Bihar Diaries” , which details how he apprehended the most dangerous criminal, Vijay Samrat.                    

Because of his President's Police Medal and Internal Security Medal, he achieved the title of SuperCop in Bihar.                    

Physical Appearance of Amit                     

Height- 5'8"                    

Hair color- Black                    

Eye color- Brown                    

Khakee :  Khakee is Bihar's Chapter's  Netflix series directed by Neeraj Chopra which shows how Amit caught one of the dangerous criminal gangs in Bihar. This series is based on the true story of Amit Lodha.                

The Bihar Chapter" was published, was suspended after a case was filed against him on suspicion of corruption and for allegedly entering into a business deal with Netflix while holding a government position. An official statement claims that Lodha signed a contract with the streaming service to negotiate a deal with the production company Friday Storytellers while still an IPS officer.                     


  • President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service ( 2020)                 
  • Internal Security Medal ( 2019)          
  • Police medal for Gallantry ( 2020)          

Parents and Siblings                    

IPS Amit Lodha was born and raised in a Hindu household. Dr. Narender Lodha is Amit Lodha's father, while his mother's name is not mentioned in any government document.                    

Amit said on social media that his parents were constantly concerned about him because of his career. According to some stories, Amit's maternal grandpa was also an IPS official. Amit Lodha has a sibling in addition to his parents. His brother's name is Aditya Lodha.                    

Wife and Children                    

Tannu Lodha is Amit Lodha's wife. With their parents' approval, they married the knot in 1999. Tannu, according to Amit, has been a consistent pillar of support in his Life, assisting him through all of his ups and downs. Amit frequently posts images of his wife on social media. Amit and Tannu Lodha have two children.                    

Amit Lodha Education and Early Career                    

Amit Lodha attended St. Xavier School in Jaipur and graduated with honors . Amit got graduated as an engineer from IIT Delhi.        

Amit passed the IIT test on his first attempt after putting in a lot of effort and was admitted to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. However, Amit Lodha's time at IIT was not pleasant. During his stay at IIT Delhi, Amit struggled with depression and had suicidal thoughts, according to an interview. Amit's grades also began to decline, making him feel like the unluckiest guy on the planet.                    

When Amit Lodha passed the UPSC test, his Life was flipped upside down for the better. When he passed the UPSC test and became an IPS officer, he recovered his confidence and self-belief.                    

Case of IIT Delhi that changed his Life                    

Amit was an ordinary student who encountered several hurdles after enrolling at IIT. Suicidal thoughts arise from his colleagues' and teachers' failures and demoralization. He believed he was the unluckiest guy since his grades and relationships were the worst.                    

Even though they avoid him, his pals like him because of his kindheartedness, this is because he is welcoming and odd to them. He was never invited to parties and was not permitted to share rooms.                     


The Bihar police accused Amit of corruption and allegedly manipulating his position for financial advantage in December 2022. A charge was filed against Lodha by the Bihar police for economic crimes, alleging that Amit arranged a monetary arrangement with the producing house Friday Story Teller for the Netflix series Khakee. While working as an IPS officer, he was assigned to the Bihar chapter. He was suspended, but after being declared not guilty and innocent of charges, he resumed his duties as an officer.                    

Net Worth                    

IPS Amit Lodha's net worth is about INR 4 crores. His profits come from numerous sources, including inspectors, writers, and others. Amit Lodha's compensation as a government employee is low.                    

Where is Amit Lodha now?                    

Amit Lodha, a 1998 batch IPS officer, is an Indian Police Service officer who has apprehended numerous notable criminals using an intelligent method. Amit Lodha, known as Bihar's "Super Cop," arrested dangerous criminal Vijay Samrat of district Sheikhpura after putting in a lot of effort, for which he received the Gallantry Award.                    

IPS Amit Lodha has dedicated his all to the Bihar Police Service. He was also the DG of the BSF at Jaisalmer. For those who are wondering where is now? Amit Lodha is presently the IG of Bihar.                    

Amit Lodha's Social Media Handles                    

Amit is active on practically every social media network. Amit Lodha's Instagram account has around 13k followers, while his Twitter account has approximately 10k followers. Amit Lodha's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are shown below.                    

Amit Facebook- Facebook Lodha                    

Instagram- Ipsamitlodha7                    

Twitter- Twitter@AmitLodha                    


It is just human phycology that people take the police with a wrong impression. But now I'll make sure that by reading this blog, you will come to know that officers like Amit are inspirational for many. You saw how he faced several difficulties, but through his hard work and willpower, he achieved them. And now he is doing the best he can do in every field. At any stage of life, if you feel demotivated, get inspired by IPS Amit.                  





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